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LGBT Characters: – Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan) – Tara Maclay (Amber Benson) ‘The Real World’ One of the first popular reality television programs, “The Real World,” has been serving drama-filled households filled with late teens to early 20-somethings since 1992. Producers of the MTV mainstay usually cast an LGBT person. From the memorable Pedro Zamora, who brought mainstream attention to HIV/AIDS as an activist and later passing away from the illness to Katelynn Cusanelli, who was the show’s first transgender houseguest, LGBT characters helped contribute to the national dialogue on LGBT issues. LGBT Characters: – Pedro Zamora (Season 3, San Francisco) – Katelynn Cusanelli (Season 21, Brooklyn) Lance Loud On ‘An American Family’ Lance Loud was perhaps not only the first realty TV star, starring in PBS’s ’70s show, “An American Family,” but also the first openly gay person to appear on American television. People adored Loud’s tenacity and spirit, someone who lived a life being true to himself. Because of this, he became a gay icon, eventually working with Andy Warhol, and becoming a writer whose work was featured in publications like Details, Vanity Fair and The Advocate. The late Loud, passed away from liver failure caused by a hepatitis C and HIV co-infection in December 2001 at the age of 50. Laverne Cox On ‘I Want to Work for Diddy’ And ‘TRANSform Me’ Laverne Cox became the first African-American transgender woman to be on a mainstream reality TV series when she was on VH1’s “I Want to Work for Diddy,” which went on to win GLAAD’s media award for outstanding reality program in 2009. Since appearing on Diddy’s show, the transgender activist got her own VH1 reality series, “TRANSform Me,” which got its own GLAAD media award nomination in 2011. Travis Wall On ‘All The Right Moves’ Travis Wall first got on our radars when he came in second place on the popular dancing competition, “So You Think You Can Dance.” Since then, the young choreographer has become a series regular on the show that made him famous, directing Emmy-nominated performances. Now, the openly gay dancer stars in his own reality show, “All The Right Moves,” where he partners with his friends who are starting a brand new dance company, “Shaping Sound.” ‘Project Runway’ “Project Runway” could be the most LGBT-friendly “straight show” on television. Every season for the past 10, including two All-Star editions, we’ve seen openly gay judges Michael Kors and Isaac Mizrahi and, of course, Mr. Make-it-work, Tim Gunn. But the show’s contestants are the ones who take center stage. Some prominent LGBT characters include, Mondo Guerra, who came out as HIV-positive on the show and has become a face and voice for HIV/AIDS awareness, and fellow competitor, Nong Ariyaphon Southiphong, who appeared as Andy South, and has since transitioned, living life openly as a transgender woman.

Jared Leto to Receive Breakout Performance Honor at Hollywood Film Awards (Exclusive)

Jared Leto, the colorful character actor — and well-known frontman for the popular band 30 Seconds to Mars — will receive the Hollywood Breakout Performance Award for his work in Jean-Marc Vallee’s Dallas Buyers Club at the17thannual Hollywood Film Awards — the first awards show of the 2013 season — on Oct. 21 at the Beverly Hilton, The Hollywood Reporter has learned exclusively. (The Hollywood Film Awards is owned by affiliates of THR parent company Guggenheim Partners.) our editor recommends PHOTOS:30 Years of Oscar Hosts: Johnny Carson, Seth MacFarlane, Ellen Previous recipients of the Hollywood Breakout Performance Award include Carey Mulligan, Michael Shannon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and John Hawkes. Leto, 41, has been acting for years. He first rose to prominence on the TV show My So-Called Life (1994-1995), and then transitioned into films, including Steve James’ Prefontaine (1997), Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line (1998), James Mangold’s Girl, Interrupted (1999), Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem for a Dream (2000), Fincher’s Panic Room (2002), Mary Harron’s American Psycho (2000), Andrew Niccol’s Lord of War (2005) and J.P. Schaefer’s Chapter 27 (2007), a Mark David Chapman biopic for which he famously gained 67 pounds. In Dallas Buyers Club, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month, Leto is virtually unrecognizable as Rayon, a transsexual — inspired by a real person — who is diagnosed with AIDS during the early days of the epidemic. Leto’s character becomes an unlikely associate and business partner of Matthew McConaughey’s Ron Woodroof, who begins importing and selling non-toxic, anti-viral medications that have not been approved by the FDA but have proven vastly more effective than any that have been. They don’t stop the progression of the deadly plague, but they slow it considerably. (Leto shed 40 pounds to play the part.) STORY:Toronto: Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto Make Oscar Cases in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ The Hollywood Film Awards are determined by founder and executive director Carlos de Abreu and an advisory committee. Last month, the Hollywood Film Awards and Dick Clark Productions, which also produced the Golden Globe Awards, entered into a partnership that could lead to the ceremony being televised in future years. Over the past 10 years, Hollywood Film Awards honorees went on to garner a total of 96 Oscar nominations and 34 Oscars. De Abreu tells THR, Jared’s portrayal of Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club is infused with humanity and bravery, and is nothing short of a revelation.

Aging Out: Hollywood’s Problem With Women Over 40

Scott has been causing gossip and media outlets to go into a frenzy with his photos in October’s issue of Town & Country magazine. The rising star is currently in London , filming the World War II thriller “Fury,” alongside Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. His pictures in the magazine resemble a very young Clint in the 1960s. According to reports, Scott remained out of the limelight as “Scott Reeves.” He spent his childhood commuting between Hawaii where his mother Jacelyn Reeves, a former flight attendant lives, and California where his father’s estate is in Carmel . He caught the acting bug from his dad and had his first cameo appearance in 2006 in the film “Flags of Our Fathers.” He appeared in several Eastwood flicks including, “Gran Torino.” As everyone knows, it’s not an overnight success, even if you have a famous last name. It took years of hard work, commitment and determination. At first he went by his mother’s name, to make it on his own. It was just five years ago, when he took his famous dad’s last name. Scott continues to have a low-profile, but enjoys Instagramming like many of us. Of course, he does the selfies, as he did model for Abercrombie & Fitch. Scott will star as a surfer-turned-Marine in the upcoming murder drama “Dawn Patrol,” and another surfer lead in the “The Perfect Wave,” due out next spring. Another hunk is Hugh Jackman, while a little older than Scott Eastwood, still very handsome. In his new movie “Prisoners,” Jackman stars as a father on a desperate search for his missing daughter and best friend. The thriller tells the story of the search for two young girls who are kidnapped on Thanksgiving Day.

Rather, it refines us! Actress Terry Walters says, “It’s a magnificent time, and I’m grateful to be aging and a woman. Negativity is imposed on me by the business, and I feel I have to keep my age a secret. I really hate that, because I don’t get to brag about how amazing I am at the age I’m at. And the shape I’m in! I feel like what’s hopeful is there’s gonna be a place for me again. Right now, I’m straddling two worlds.” “We must stop listening to the notion that life is over after 40 for actresses,” says Garcia. “If a window is closing, just prop it up! We must embrace the change that happens in our lives at 40 and realize that we’re so much more interesting, and our voices are so much more engaging and powerful than they were ever before. We must claim who we are so that we can be seen differently by the people who are writing.” Women writers and producers have a responsibility to create content by, for, and about women, and we, as audiences, need to get out and go see these films. It’s time to create Hollywood’s version of Lean In. Let’s hope that one day, Hollywood will reframe its idea of women in their 40s and 50s and allow us to be human, and wonderfully imperfect — as we really are. Slowly, youth-obsessed Hollywood is changing. In recent years, there have been notable actresses who have become stars after age 40: Octavia Spencer skyrocketed to fame at age 41, in The Help; Anna Gunn landed the role of Skyler White on the hit show Breaking Bad at age 40; and Melissa Leo took home the Oscar at age 50 for her role in The Fighter and became a sought-after star. As for Jenica, another pilot season had come and gone, and still no TV series.