Police Say Hollywood Woman Killed In $10,000 ‘murder-for-hire’ Hit

It was Father’s Day , minutes before midnight, he said, when he heard five shots and the sound of a motorcycle speeding away. He knew his daughter was outside waiting on her ex. “I heard the shots and ran out,” he said. “And she was lying there dead.” He suspected Adams was his daughter’s killer, he said, and was surprised to hear that police think Adams paid another man to do the deed. “I’m just glad they caught him,” he said. “The Hollywood police did a helluva job finding out who did it. They really worked hard on it.” Detectives investigating the murder learned from a confidential informant that Cook agreed to murder Chamberlain in exchange for $10,000, Hollywood Police Lt. Nicole Coffin said Friday. Cook claims Adams paid him half that amount, according to the report. Police continue to investigate Adams’ possible involvement in the crime. Cook was taken into custody in the 6300 block of Hayes Street without incident. He has been charged with one count of first-degree murder.

Hollywood Hunks!

The rising star is currently in London , filming the World War II thriller “Fury,” alongside Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. His pictures in the magazine resemble a very young Clint in the 1960s. According to reports, Scott remained out of the limelight as “Scott Reeves.” He spent his childhood commuting between Hawaii where his mother Jacelyn Reeves, a former flight attendant lives, and California where his father’s estate is in Carmel . He caught the acting bug from his dad and had his first cameo appearance in 2006 in the film “Flags of Our Fathers.” He appeared in several Eastwood flicks including, “Gran Torino.” As everyone knows, it’s not an overnight success, even if you have a famous last name. It took years of hard work, commitment and determination. At first he went by his mother’s name, to make it on his own. It was just five years ago, when he took his famous dad’s last name. Scott continues to have a low-profile, but enjoys Instagramming like many of us. Of course, he does the selfies, as he did model for Abercrombie & Fitch. Scott will star as a surfer-turned-Marine in the upcoming murder drama “Dawn Patrol,” and another surfer lead in the “The Perfect Wave,” due out next spring. Another hunk is Hugh Jackman, while a little older than Scott Eastwood, still very handsome. In his new movie “Prisoners,” Jackman stars as a father on a desperate search for his missing daughter and best friend. The thriller tells the story of the search for two young girls who are kidnapped on Thanksgiving Day. Jackman grows frustrated with the legal system and the police investigation and employs his own methods to find out what happens. It’s actually the first film of fall with Oscar aspirations.