If you’re a film-maker, theater artist or club performer, a musician or dj, a writer, comedian, or other creative professional, and you’d like to suggest a project to queerupnorth then we’d love to hear from you.
queerupnorth International Festival takes place in Manchester every May and queerupnorth is also responsible for projects and events at various other points during the year.
Whether you’re working on something already, or you’ve just got an idea, the best thing to do is talk to us as early as possible. We can’t do everything that’s brought along to us, but if you’d like to suggest something, get in touch with Jonathan Best, queerupnorth’s Artistic Director, via email at or call 0161 234 2942.
If you’d like to invite Jonathan Best to a performance or event, please email him with as much advance notice as possible, and certainly three weeks in advance.


To submit work for consideration, please send us as much as you can of the following:
Company/Artist information i.e. CV or press pack
DVD or video of the piece in question/ or past performances/ showreel
Promotional images (CD-Rom or photographs)
Press cuttings/newspaper reviews
Details of upcoming shows – please provide details of where we can see your work
Any other information you feel supports your submission
Don’t worry if you don’t have everything on the list; we’re interested in exciting ideas no matter how early they are in their development. It’s always worth getting in touch and talking to us.

If you are submitting a film for consideration please download our entry form QUNFilmEntry08.doc and include with any relevant materials.

We accept submissions throughout the year but please be aware we programme at least a year in advance. In the case of full-scale theatre, thinking 18 months in advance is best, and in the case of visual art it can be two years depending on gallery availability – though we can do a certain amount at less notice. If your project is small (and inexpensive!) it can be possible to make plans with much less advance notice – but please note that submissions made after December of each year are unlikely to be considered for the following year’s May festival.