The House’s Food Stamps Cuts Aren’t Just Cruel. They’re Dumb.

‘Say no to junk food for better health’

“Children being the future of our country, it is sad to see their diet. With our lives being full of comforts and luxuries, that maintaining our health through right food habits, becomes all the more important,” he said. With this, we are so dependent on medicines that we forget that food can also be medicine. He informed the audiences how our food is full of chemicals that have harmful effects on human health. “Milk, fruits, vegetables, eggs and poultry are all ‘enhanced’ in looks and their shelf lives are elongated by the use of dangerous substances. Sixty even pesticides banned in other countries are widely used in India. These, when combined with habits like sedentary lifestyle, junk food and lack of exercise only add up to the abuse of our own bodies,” he said. He blamed market forces for this development. The corporates are not the only ones busy making money, the doctors and healthcare providers also take money from them and do not interfere in the business, he said. “While we can’t do anything about market forces and mechanisms, we can definitely learn to say no to these products. If there is no demand, there would be no supply.

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And the phaseout starts pretty low SNAP cuts would hit about 2.8 million families. (Michael S. Williamson / The Washington Post) Lets also remember how low this cutoff is, which is the third problem. Take a family living in poverty, earning $12,000 a year. A financial planner would say that you should have enough liquid savings to survive three to six months. That is going to be incredibly hard for this family; the definition of poverty we should think of is someone having to choose between essentials, meaning theres no money left over. However, ideally, three to six months is, of course, saving between $3,000 and $6,000, or well above the cutoff. Families simply couldnt get to a level of financial stability when it comes to their savings without the government pushing against them. President Obama moved to create a universal $10,000 asset limit for all federally funded means-tested programs in his 2011 budget . Indeed many states that do use an assets test have them set much higher. Texas, for instance, has a $5,000 cutoff, which is consistent with this. So we are doing policy in bad faith, cutting against commonly accepted financial planning advice. 4. Inflation “Inflation all I ever wanted / inflation, had to get debased” – The Go Go’s.

Roll up for Scotland’s biggest food and drink fair

They are hoping to attract about 10,000 people to the three-day event, to be held at the vast Highland Hall at the showground near Edinburgh Airport annually from September 2014. Eat, Drink, Discover Scotland will have a focus on rural parts of Scotland, although it will be open to everything from one-person businesses to supermarket giants. The Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS) is predicting the event which will feature masterclasses from chefs and industry experts will generate about 1 million for the economy in its first year. The first day of the unashamedly Scottish showcase will be a trade-only fair aimed at generating new business for producers with industry buyers, while the Saturday and Sunday will be open to the public. The show to be staged from 12-14 September next year aims to raise the profile of new companies and products, showcasing producers from different parts of the country, and promoting the natural larder of Scotland. Allan Murray, chairman of RHASS, said: The event is part of the Societys broader strategy to support rural Scotland. Building on the success of the Royal Highland Shows food hall, this national event, with a strong regional focus, will provide a compelling case for celebrating Scotlands food culture. Scottish rural affairs secretary Richard Lochhead said: This unique event will allow producers from all over Scotland to showcase the superb food and drink their area is famous for and demonstrate the array of Scottish delicacies. While the Royal Highland Show turns the spotlight on one area each year in its food hall, the new event is set to give each corner of Scotland the chance to showcase its best produce. It is hoped to attract about 150 different traders, 50 more than fit into the Royal Highland Shows food hall. Rapeseed oil producer Gregor Mackintosh, who founded his Aberdeenshire company Mackintosh of Glendaveny four years ago, clinched a deal to sell his produce in more than 60 stores after attending the food hall at the Highland Show last year. He said: While there are a number of small food events throughout Scotland, nothing compares with the Highland Show for attracting leading supermarket buyers. If RHASS can leverage these relationships for this new event I am confident it will provide another opportunity to showcase the incredible standard of food and drink available in Scotland, especially with the main market focus on local sourcing. Sarah Mackie, head of local sourcing for Tesco, said: Scotland has a wide variety of quality food and drink producers, and events such as this provide a fantastic opportunity for consumers to see, taste, then buy the tremendous variety of food and drink that is produced in Scotland. We understand the importance of regionality, which ensures that we have the right range for customers in their local store. MORE STORIES